Annie loves working with people who have the courage to create change. Born and raised in Silicon Valley, she was once a bioengineer with a fascination in complexity theory and believes that emerging intersections of genomics and intelligent systems will transform medicine.

These days she is particularly passionate about companies leveraging design and automation to advance human health. As such, she serves on the Boards of Arbor Biotechnologies and Emerald Cloud Lab. Previously, she served on the Boards of Human Longevity, Inc. and Gro Intelligence, Inc.

Way back in the day, Annie was an Investment Banking Analyst at Morgan Stanley before joining DFJ to focus on early stage technology investments in diverse areas from synthetic biology and advanced materials to intelligent software. Over the years she spent time working with Capricorn Investment Group, Mubadala Development Company and the IFC.

In these roles and others, she has lived in the African bush, rural and urban Asia, and a modern Middle East all of which have solidified her commitment to working with entrepreneurs bringing technical innovation to a global community.

Annie remains an active advocate for global health and education. In her spare time, she co-founded KnowledgeBeat, an NGO in Zambia focused on social emotional learning. Today, she serves on the Board of Aceso Global, a non-profit aiming to strengthen health systems in emerging markets. She is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Annie graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Biotechnology from Brown University where she designed the novel degree program alongside faculty. She also completed a Hughes Fellowship, co-authoring papers on stem cells and tissue engineering that published in leading journals. She holds an MS from Stanford University and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Currently, Annie calls New York City home, but her horse lives in California and her suitcase is never unpacked. Her friends insist she’s an international person of mystery.