Our philosophy is born through perspectives of a silicon valley heritage and lives spent criss-crossing the globe. Our name comes from the arabic word for “unique”. Our logo is an inspiration from our favorite African creature. Our quest is to seek and enable the architects of tomorrow.

Our belief is that we combine a deep understanding of science and technology with a product mindset that affords us powerful insights. Our experience launching and scaling companies has yielded humble perspectives on paving the future, while working across global borders has instilled a respectful appreciation for international markets.

Going down rabbit holes to map the future is in our DNA. As is cultivating trust based relationships that bridge disciplines and divides to unlock latent potential. The road is long and the journey is what excites us. 

Game changing science and technology are the heart of our investment strategy. Cross-disciplinary teams are the soul of our investment strategy. Upgrading human health is our end goal. 

Humans are poised to harness a new dawn in health. The ability to integrate previously disparate domains within science and technology offers a window of opportunity for crafting novel products that flaunt a sustainable competitive advantage.

We see tremendous power in the convergence of data systems, bioengineering, automation and consumer products. We anticipate step change improvements in human health through accelerated discovery, prevention, optimized care, and empowered individuals.  

As such, majority of our investments are in biosciences and health. We also consider investments in pure play technology when we have a line of sight on advancing human health, for instance robotics and advanced computing.  

While we invest across stages, our sweet spot remains early stage, pre-commercial companies with a focused execution strategy and a rock star team. We find we can offer the most value to entrepreneurs at this stage and that it provides an optimal risk reward profile for us as investors.

Sometimes we lead. Sometimes we follow. We do or do not take Board seats accordingly. 

The opportunity to play a helping hand in re-imagining life is a privilege that we are grateful to have. A huge thanks to all the kindred spirits who have invited us to join them on the crazy, beautiful journey that is entrepreneurship. It is an honor.