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Emerald Cloud Lab (ECL) is a web-based life sciences lab, developed by scientists for scientists. Scientists run experiments in a central lab from anywhere in the world, accessing a full suite of visualization, analysis, and simulation tools. ECL is dedicated to bringing all of the standard life science experiments online.

Gro Intelligence structures the world’s agricultural data, transforming it into searchable information and powerful analytics. Gro's flagship product eliminates the need for teams of experts and specialized technical software to answer questions around global food and agriculture. Gro enables data discovery and access to predictive modeling at a scale never possible before. 

Human Longevity, Inc. (HLI) is the genomics-based, technology-driven company creating the world’s largest and most comprehensive database of whole genome, phenotype and clinical data. HLI is developing and applying large scale computing and machine learning to make novel discoveries to revolutionize the practice of medicine.

Maven Technologies empowers anyone to be an entrepreneur selling the products they love. Maven's first product, a mobile application, professionalizes direct sellers (more than 20 million Americans and growing) through its social and analytics-driven platform.

SolveBio provides technology and on-demand expertise to drive precision medicine. SolveBio’s network of genomicists and clinicians leverage the Genome Intelligence Platform to extract and integrate complex biomedical data for leading life sciences enterprises. SolveBio combines genomics expertise, proprietary technology, and innovative design to build valuable information assets for our partners in diagnostics, medical centers, CROs, and biopharma.

Vicarious is building a unified algorithmic architecture to achieve human-level intelligence in vision, language, and motor control. Our medium-term goal is to fill the world with inexpensive robots that can safely and reliably do useful work like packing, sorting, and assembling.

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